Rainbow Rose Window Project

In this project, you’ll learn the basics of color theory, how to blend colors within a shape, how to mix the complement of a color and how to mix semi-neutral colors (browns and grays). You’ll explore the range of colors you can mix with a particular red, yellow and blue watercolor. (The exercise is shown with the colors recommended for Watercolor Jumpstart, but it’s a great exercise to try with other pigments, too.)

NOTE: This project is part of the (free) Watercolor Jumpstart course. If you skipped directly to this project and discover you need help with the skills used in the project, please see the lesson videos in the Project 3 section of Watercolor Jumpstart.

For this project, you might find it helpful to also print out a labelled version of the template to help you keep track of what goes where as you are working.

Note: Set your printer to “no scaling” or “print actual size” instead of “fill page” to print the templates at the correct size for your watercolor paper.