Spring Chickadee Project

Suggesting something with a few quick brush marks is one of the hallmarks of watercolor painting. It takes practice, but pays big dividends, especially if you aspire to paint on location.

NOTE: This project is part of the (free) Watercolor Jumpstart course. If you skipped directly to this project and discover you need help with the skills used in the project, please see the lesson videos in the Project 1 section of Watercolor Jumpstart.

Some brush marks are more easily made in one direction by right-handed people, and in the other direction by left-handed people, so the template for this project is available in both orientations. 

A Few More Similar Examples for Inspiration

See what other marks you can make with your brushes, and try combining the various marks into simple objects or scenes. There are a few examples below for inspiration. (Feel free to try copying them, but keep in mind that you might or might not have a brush that makes similar marks to those used in the examples.)

Of course, this can be an entire painting style; brush drawing is a dominant component of traditional Japanese and Chinese watercolor. But it’s also a good skill for every watercolorist to develop. Why laboriously outline and “color in” a shape if your brush can make it in a single stroke?